Suitable for insertion of Athena, Athena Light, Odette, Compat and Zeus series PP boxes/containers and Storage Steel iron containers, the F TR series shelving is available in two different heights. The pair of guides supporting the container is height-adjustable, has a maximum capacity of 50 kg and allows the simultaneous use of containers of the same size but with different heights.
Each span capacity is 250 kg. The system modular construction allows for the expansion of existing systems at any time.



1010 mm
2010 mm

Strengthening Top Shelves
The shelves are fixed to the top part of each span and, in addition to reinforcing the shelving, also act as dust covers.

The pair of guides is designed to ensure that the box sliders are fixed to the uprights and secured with the special clip. Height-adjustable.

Side Panels
The sides are supplied pre-assembled, with 25 mm pitch side slots, and are equipped with foot supports for fixing to the floor.

Strengthening Sockets
The sockets are fastened with four self-tapping screws to the sides of the side panels to improve the structure stability.