The importance of grouping in Fami

“It was very interesting and stimulating.” This is the unanimous feedback from the participants at the Fami International Meeting on March 7, 8 and 9th

More than 70 participants, 10 famous speakers, 3 qualified trainers of “Niuko – Innovation & Knowledge” and 3 days of training: these are just some of the numbers that make the idea of the days dedicated to the professional, technical and commercial training of the sales network of our brand, fully assembled in Rosà and coming from all over Italy and abroad, including the staff of the famous branches of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Poland.

The focus of the event was the launch of the new general catalog Fami, distributed to all present and the centre of the activities carried out, from the team building and training activities, “toolbox of each seller”, to the presentation of the “extended” family of the Master (from the wardrobe versions with drawers to the brand new ranges of PC cabinet, oil closet, tool cabinet, mobile counters, workbenches and SR shelving), to the presentation of plastic boxes for logistics, to a case study, up to moments of analysis and comparison with the market and competitors.

It was not only an update but an interaction as a group; the proposed activities involved, and connected all the participants, whose points of view, experience in the field, ideas and proposals, are a valuable starting point for the company source of inspiration for the future organization of scheduled activities.

After intense and rewarding working days, and the realization of our idea of being a “family-company” on Thursday 8 March, all guests of Fami attended the gala in the prestigious setting of a breathtaking location, where in addition to the excellent dinner followed an engaging entertainment.

It was a great pleasure to see such an active participation. We would like to extend an affectionate greeting and heartfelt thanks to all the participants of the Fami International Meeting who, with their enthusiasm, have been the soundtrack to the success of the initiative, allowing themselves to be involved in a sort of chain reaction in the various activities planned; summarized in a video that we will publish shortly …