Success leads to expansion and a fresh look for Renvale

As one of the world’s longest standing designers and manufacturer of bespoke wiring harness solutions to the motorsport industry, Suffolk-based Renvale has built a client portfolio encompassing leading teams from across Formula One, Formula E, MotoGP, Superbikes, World Rally, World Endurance and many more branches of motorsport in its 37 year history. Retaining its family-ownership with founder Tony James’s son Stephen now the Chief Executive Officer, the business is continuing to expand its motorsport activities and also diversify into other sectors, such as marine and automotive, where its wiring and sensor (via its partnership with French company Texense) expertise can bring major benefits in areas such as high voltage electrification at low-volume OEM vehicle manufacturers.

Renvale has built its success by being the best in its field and this has led to steady, manageable, growth throughout its existence. But with staff numbers increasing by 25 per cent over the past two years it had outgrown its original facility and the decision was taken to take a blank canvas and develop the five-acre Renvale Technology Park. The first phase of this is a 1600m2 company headquarters and manufacturing facility, with two 450m2 sized units under construction to accommodate further growth.

“This new facility has many benefits for us; firstly, we believe it is the first ever purpose-built facility for motorsport wiring that will allow us to continue the development of the business. It will also help to set ourselves apart from our competitors by creating an environment that reflects our desire to be the best,” says Renvale’s Chief Operating Officer Anthony Moss.

Having this blank sheet to work from allowed Renvale to create the environment it wanted, but to achieve that it required outside help and asking around for recommendations among its Formula One customers the name of System Store Solutions came to the fore in regard to the design and installation of the workshop, storage, quality control and attention to detail.

“When you get a recommendation from a team that runs towards the front of the Formula One grid it instils confidence, so we invited System Store Solutions in for some initial discussions. At that time, we gave them an idea of our basic needs and they quickly came back with a detailed plan that met those needs; all that was then required was to fine tune cabinet requirements and colour schemes,” says Anthony Moss. “Once we gave them the order to proceed the whole process was seamless and the complete installation of production bays, stores, inspection area and our confidential workshop and engineering room took less than three weeks to install.”

In total the installation included five U-shaped workshop bays with each bay separated by panelling to help maintain separation between projects for different customers, a vehicle bay with workbenches, goods in/packaging/stores area with a bespoke counter and service hatch, an inspection/quality control area with seven workbench runs along with roller shutter cabinets for secure parts storage and the confidential engineering bay with workbench and storage facilities., All of the cabinets and workbenches supplied by System Store Solutions were from its long-term partner Fami. The extensive range gives greater flexibility both in workspace layout, but also in tailoring it to the customer’s requirements in terms of colour schemes and functionality.

An important aspect of the installation was lighting, as working with complex, fine detailed wiring harnesses requires optimum bench lighting. Here System Store Solutions came up with an innovative solution using a combination of standard elements and bespoke engineering to create the ideal framework for the illumination over the workbenches.

“All of the partners we worked with on the construction and fit-out of this facility were carefully selected and the only measure we have of how well our selection process went is our level of satisfaction with the results. System Store Solutions excelled in every aspect, they were very patient and flexible with us and ensured our exacting requirements were met, even down to helping with the seating,” says Anthony Moss. “We now have an excellent working environment that is impressing our customers when they visit and also one that we feel will be beneficial to our staff and will help both with recruitment of new people and to retain the highly-skilled workforce we already have.”      

The recent installation of workbays and storage systems by System Store Solutions has created an ideal working environment to allow Renvale to improve production of its specialist wiring harnesses used by leading motorsports teams.