The remarkable experience gained in many years of activity in the warehousing and logistics business has led us to develop the DOMINO container holder shelves. They are stackable and allow proper storage structures to be built – with customised solutions that can be developed in height and width as needed.

They are designed to accomodate 4 sizes of containers, with sturdy sheet steel profiles, to ensure outstanding strength even under full load conditions. The stackable and modular construction of the shelves makes it possible to create storage facilities that can be altered at any time according to requirements.



Dust Cover and Worktop
The application of the dust cover and the worktop not only allows for extra material protection but it also helps create handy, convenient workstations for materials distribution.

The plinth raises the shelf off the ground by 85 mm, isolates it from the floor and prevents the bottom row of containers from touching it as they are pulled out.

Individual containers are pulled out quickly and easily, and a special hook, located frontally with respect to the guides, prevents accidental complete removal.


RAL 700 01