Full extension drawers as standard (100%). Versatile and good comparison between quality and price



Drawers & Shelves
Drawers and extensible shelves are supplied as standard with 100% total extensibility on high-strength ball bearings. The perforated bottom and the slotted walls with 17 mm pitch allow for easy insertion and fastening (through screws) of the metal partitions.

FLEXA series cabinets can be fitted with a top shelf, consisting of an MDF top lined with a steel sheet covered with oil-proof rubber. Supplied in the same dimensions as the cabinets, these tops can be easily joined together to create a seamless surface (see example).

The doors are pre-set to be installed with either right-hand or left-hand opening. The cabinets are supplied with a cylinder lock complete with two keys. When the cabinet is provided with a door, both the cabinet lock and the door lock are provided with the same keys. In this way, only one key can be used for the cabinet.

Two types of handle can be fitted on FLEXA series cabinets. The pair of handles is applied to the 4-edge shelf, both frontally and laterally, and can also be turned downwards to reduce the trolley height by 38 mm (A).
The single handle is applied to the cabinet side. This solution allows other types of cover to be fitted on the cabinet – such as multiplex shelves (B), available on request.




The closing bar also acts as an anti-tilt system when the drawer is extended. The drawer rear hook causes the bar (A) to rotate to its closed position. This prevents the operator from simultaneously opening multiple drawers, avoiding a dangerous weight shift to the outside.

Supplied standard with cylinder lock and two keys.

Standard Rubber
Non-Marking Rubber
Elastic Rubber


GREY RAL 700 .01

GREEN RAL 6011 .02

BLUE RAL 5012 .04

GREY RAL 7035 .08