“a building used for the storing and exhibiting of objects illustrating antiquities, natural history, arts etc”.

Meeting the needs of the museum, gallery and heritage sectors is very specialised and more often than not involves an innovative storage solution to ensure the safety of the item involved.

System Store Solutions understand that the storage equipment a museum uses to store and exhibit its objects is vital to its success and offer a comprehensive range of flexible storage systems providing optimum protection and space saving solutions. System Store Solutions supply an exciting range of innovative storage and display systems to art, photographic, geological, transport, historical, and armoury museums both national and independent throughout the UK . Its product portfolio includes drawer cabinets, universal shelving, art storage systems and racking.

Specialist products include drawer units, which are being used at the National Railway Museum to display some of the most delicate photographic items, a shelving system improving preservation and accessibility for The Museum of London’s important ceramic collections; and a mixture of fixed and mobile units protecting and effectively showcasing collections ranging from Botany, Geology and Zoology to Archaeology, Ethnography and History, at the Ulster Museum.

As you can see from the examples above, the product range that is available from System Store Solutions is amongst the widest in the storage sector. The quality of products is also continuously enhanced through Fami’s investment in cutting edge production technologies.

It is not just the specialist equipment that makes System Store Solutions so unique as a storage provider; it is also the company’s high level of customer service. Every client receives a consultation whereby individual requirements are assessed and bespoke storage solutions are supplied. Customer support services also include technical advice and project management.

The company’s awareness of customer needs results in the provision of effective solutions every time. Experience and expertise allow for creative, innovative storage solutions whilst working to a cost effective brief. Customer assurance comes through high quality, rapid delivery, competitive prices and smooth installation.

System Store Solutions specialises in making the storage fit the collections. It is focused on improving visitor experiences in its client’s institutions and educating museum staff on how to best configure limited space. Through the partnership with CASC System Store Solutions also offer state of the art intelligent locking systems for high value items, with high security cabinets. These can also feature touch button, swipe and proximity card activated control systems

“We had a number of difficult requirements to ensure the safe storage of very rare and valuable pieces, but, as with all museums, we had a very tight budget. System Store Solutions worked with us, and delivered on every area of the brief. We are delighted with the result and I am sure will be working with them in the future.

– Jill Barnard, The Museum of London