Many companies within the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing sectors are now recognising the importance of a well-designed workflow as a means of increasing productivity and maintaining a cohesive and happy workforce. However, the specialist needs of these sectors can result in company bosses feeling they are unable to improve their facilities.

Through years of experience System Store Solutions are able to design a workspace that really works for the individual company. We are able to see exactly what is needed and how best to lay it out in the most convenient, beneficial way to the customer.

Working with our world class quality Italian storage manufacturer’s Fami, we are able to deliver a wide range of tool storage, cabinets and work areas that, we believe, cannot be beaten by any other storage manufacturer. We also work with CasC to provide customers with a range of high security storage solutions that include PC based access monitoring and logging systems, access controlled equipment including retinal-scan and fingerprint capabilities.

This is why System Store Solutions secure contracts with the best engineering, aerospace, automotive and manufacturing companies in Britain, many of which we are not permitted to mention. Confidentiality is something we take very seriously and our teams are very sensitive about working in environments where highly secret work is being undertaken.

” System Store Solutions quickly identified our specific needs and designed the workshops to allow for maximum efficiency and flexibility of usage. The Fami units work well for us, look good and have the durability to cope with the usage we will be putting them through. We are extremely happy with the way David Price and the team worked with us and fitted everything in so smoothly. We look forward to working with him as we expand further.” 

– Matt Cox, MD