“The best solution for your warehouse”

Established in Vicenza in 1956, the company offers a full range of warehousing and storage solutions. In addition to Italy, the company is also present in the rest of the European market with its widespread network of representatives and partners. For a number of years now the company has been operating in emerging markets through its own companies and production facilities. Expertise, experience and competitiveness make Ferretto group Spa one of the leaders in integrated logistics in the Italian, European and global arena with first class customer support service throughout the entire life cycle of its systems, from design to installation, from presales to maintenance.

Quality in the foreground

The continuous research and technological development process aimed at innovating and improving the quality of products and services as well as machining processes is at the root of Ferretto Group Spa.

Today the ISO 14001 and ISO 3834 certifications reflecting extremely stringent checks on management, production, environmental impact and safety serve as evidence of Ferretto Spa’s constant commitment to quality.

Ferretto Spa are very committed to limiting and reducing the environmental impact of their production. In light if this, a 1,400 kW photovoltaic plant was installed to produce clean energy. This installation together with the Environmental Management System certification represent their concrete commitment to improving environmental quality.