FAMI is a family run business based in The Vicenza Province of Northern Italy and was established 87 years ago by Mario Milani in 1929. FAMI was originally founded as a company specialising in the manufacture of industrial fittings. Over the years, major investments have been made in terms of resources and energy to enhance the firm’s professionalism, build up an intensive network of relationships, and transform the research on materials into increasingly functional, innovative, and high quality products.

FAMI is now a consolidated business, with a manufacturing division of over 200 thousand square metres, 80 thousand of which are covered, and 250 employees. It has five overseas branches, located in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, and China, and authorised distributors covering all of Europe, south-east Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Every year, eight million kilograms of iron and steel are utilised, as well as two and a half million kilograms of plastic material. Manufacturing is entirely in-house, with a division dedicated exclusively to the production and moulding of plastic.

For FAMI moving towards new markets means believing in the future, ones potential and in ethical and moral values; this is the philosophy that guides FAMI towards its international success.

“Because our planet is the most important container”

To create a company that is eco-sustainable was a fascinating challenge. FAMI have installed a photovoltaic system that produces about half of the energy needed by the company. they use recycled and recyclable materials and scientifically and intensively control their emissions.